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until 30-11-2021 RMS Acoustics and Mechatronics was a company dedicated to Mechatronic Design and Education with focus on high speed controlled motion systems and active controlled low-frequency transducers.

Over the years its owner was actively involved in the following activities>

Mechatronics related:


The electric drive design of this first waferstepper stage was based on
audio related mechatronic design principles

In mechatronics, RMS Acoustics & Mechatronics provided:

  • Management advice on IP/patent related legal matter in the field of mechatronic systems.
  • Professional training in mechatronics related topics like actuator design, power electronics, dynamics, motion control, optics, measurement and systems engineering.
  • Introductory training in mechatronics for people from adjacent disciplines like purchasing, finance and legal


Acoustics related:

DMF sub

The Grimm Audio LS1s-DMF subwoofer, designed by RMS Acoustics & Mechatronics
applies high-tech mechatronics technology for delivering low-distortion true non-resonant
20-70 Hz sound from an extremely small enclosure

In acoustics, RMS Acoustics & Mechatronics provided

  • Design services for active controlled low-frequency sound systems.
  • Small series manufacturing of customised low-frequency transducers for OEM customers.
  • Measurement services with professional tooling (Audio Precision APx525)
  • Design of acceleration sensors
  • Prototyping
  • Sales of parts, like sensors and prototypes, made to verify new developments and act as demonstrator.


Site summary

  • Mechatronics introduces high-tech precision mechatronics.
  • About RMS introduces the former company and its founder, Rob Munnig Schmidt.
  • DMC Sub introduces the design basics of professional Digital Motion Controlled Subwoofers, also known as Digital Motional Feedback or Servo-subwoofer.
  • Audio Design explains the audio related design principles that are followed and provides a set of downloadable white papers in pdf format on different subjects.
  • Education is about the activities in professional training of mechatronic system design. It also introduces the book on the design of high performance mechatronics, which is used with the training sessions.
  • Sale is still open. Depending upon availability it will show parts and prototypes that can be purchased.
  • Private Projects presents two designs, a tube amplifier and a large motional feedback loudspeaker system, which I made in the past 30 years before starting RMS Acoustics & Mechatronics.


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