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RMS Acoustics & Mechatronics was founded in 2012 with the following strategic intent:

Creating a better sound reproduction system by the application of high-tech mechatronic precision engineering principles

Based on lifelong experience of its founder with high-tech ultraprecision mechatronic systems,

the company:

RMS Acoustics and Mechatronics

aimed to apply these principles to the design of professional acoustical transducers for the low frequency sound reproduction of high quality music in living rooms, studios and other listening environments.

Next to this primary goal, also the dissemination of the knowledge in mechatronic system design wass aimed for by means of dedicated trainings, writing of books and giving lectures.

Founder, director and chief designer: Prof. Ir. Robert Munnig Schmidt

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Picture by Krystyna Janusz

Personal summary

High quality sound reproduction and controlled motion systems have always been a source of curiosity and inspiration, which probably has something to do with the miracle of invisible forces that act in electromagnets and energy transfer in soundwaves.

I studied Mechanical Engineering at Delft University of Technology, while simultaneously feeding my skills in electronics and electromagnetics in making loudspeakers with amplifiers as a hobby.

This unique combination of an academic education in mechanics with practical experience in analogue electronics and electromechanics has paved the way for my career as one of the first mechatronic engineers in the Netherlands. It was the experience with amplifiers and loudspeaker motors that allowed me to design several very accurate motion systems for the first wafer steppers at Philips Research around 1980 using Lorentz actuators and own designed PWM class-D amplifiers.

After several R&D jobs at Philips I joined ASML, which was founded on my early work in a small but great team on wafersteppers at Philips Research, to continue working on advanced motion systems. In 2006 I returned to Delft as Professor in Mechatronic System Design where I combined transferring my knowledge to bright young engineers with research on precision mechatronics, including audio transducers with advanced control. During this period I also wrote a textbook on "The Design of High Performance Mechatronics" with some help of colleagues, which is is used in several trainings and lectures.

As of January 2015 I retired from the university to dedicate my time fully to my company in mechatronic education and design of active controlled low-frequency sound systems.

End of year 2021 I decided to stop al businesslike activities and enjoy full retirement. I will keep this site alive as a private person as long as necessary without any further commercial intent.

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