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Contact and info: RMS Acoustics & Mechatronics

R.H.Munnig Schmidt

email address

KvK Eindhoven. nr 54895774, VAT:N1001245744825
(The VAT nr is new for external contacts and applicable after 01-01-2020. When necessary the old number can be asked for by sending me an email)

Interesting links to related activities and companies

For ultimate hi end audio based on scientific principles.
RMS Acoustics & Mechatronics has developed the Digital Motional Feedback subwoofer for the LS1be-dmf, which was introduced at the Munich Hi-End show in May 5-8 2016

Mechatronics Academy
For education in high-performance mechatronics for professionals.

The leading high-tech company where mechatronics is applied to the most advanced level in the world.

A specialised company with excellent technology on audiophile class-D amplifiers, DSP controllers and audio class switched mode power supplies.

High tech institute
For high level education in all aspects of high-technology. Teaching selected courses is organised via Mechatronics Academy.

Mice BV from Jan van Eijk, a good friend, colleague in advanced mechatronics and partner in Mechatronics Academy.

with excellent loudspeakers for professional and consumer use. The Digital Motional Feedback loudspeaker for Grimm Audio is based on a SEAS subwoofer, which was modified by RMS Acoustics & Mechatronics, incorporating an accelerometer.

rom Guido Tent for hi-end diy modules and best of class hifi components.

From Chris Camphuisen who designs and sells his own modern alternative to the original small Philips MFB loudspeakers. He also produces accelerometer sensors for DIY projects.

From Thomas Baur who repairs the original Philips MFB loudspeakers and other vintage Philps stuff.

And a very nice forum in Dutch, MFBlabs with a group of enthousiasts who achieve real results together.

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